The story is just beginning

Everyone loves a good story. The only thing better than hearing a good story is telling that story or even being part of it. The Reporters’ Academy (TRA) has become the story. Established in 2011 the last four years has seen young people from the UK and Australia document the human stories of sport around the world. Those stories have ranged from a school student aiming to reach the top, to Olympic athletes from across the globe competing for medals on the world’s biggest sporting stage.

Throughout, TRA has secured behind the scenes media access at the Olympics, Commonwealth Games, Rugby League World Cup as well as finding time to publish a book for National Olympic Committees in the Pacific.

TRA offers much more than ‘money can’t buy’ opportunities. If it wasn’t enough to offer young people these chances to get behind the scenes at some of the world’s most prestigious events then TRA add to their unique offer by providing work experience, CV development, industry mentors and a UK ‘first’ of a Level 3 qualification in Sports Media Production. This is not to mention the social networks that it enhances, all for the benefit of young people.

Not into sport or media? Don’t worry this not for profit company is about tailoring the programme to suit you. Take a look round the site and see how we’ve has done it. Also, have a look at how TRA has helped young people to progress whilst at the same time providing content for a range of organisations.

TRA is a place where youth produce.

We had a great time
We had a great time