The Reporters’ Academy was tasked with providing coverage of all the Oceania Pre Games Training Camps based in the North West of the UK leading up to London 2012. In addition, we provided coverage at  the Games for five Pacific nations. Alongside this, we were allocated two full media accreditation passes for the entire London 2012 Olympic Football tournament at Old Trafford by the British Olympic Association.


TV, radio, online, newspaper, photographic


The Reporters’ Academy were assigned media accreditation for five Pacific nations – The Marshall Islands, Vanuatu, Palau, Tuvalu and America Samoa. The aim was to increase the media coverage and provide increased capacity to media resources in the region. The reports were focused on helping tell the cultural and social stories of the Pacific athletes at the Games as well as documenting their results. Throughout the Games The Reporters’ Academy’s accredited representatives worked to produce media content focused on behind the scenes insights into the teams, performances and reflections.


In this time, our young crew produced more than 40 films documenting the Pre Games Training Camps. Over 20 of these were featured by the BBC on their Live Sites nationwide, received millions of views on TV in over 100 countries and were uniquely aired on BA in- flight entertainment systems. The Reporters’ Academy were the only media organisation to provide this level of coverage of the training camps for Pacific Oceania.

During the London 2012 Olympic Games Newspapers, radio stations and TV stations internationally featured content. On a daily basis The Reporters’ Academy communicated with media outlets across the UK and Oceania to coordinate the use of content, and also encourage media organisations to independently cover Oceania Olympic teams. Highlights included:

  • Social media platforms across the globe saw 100,000’s of hits on Oceania Olympic content
  • The Reporters’ Academy facilitated coverage in mainstream media, a UK audience of 2.7 million learned of Oceania Olympic teams. Combined audience figures from most read UK newspaper, The Sun and Sky Sports
  • Training camp documentary footage was broadcast in 120 countries as part of a weekly ‘Countdown to London’ TV show
  • Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) Grandstand Sport a TV sports bulletin focused on the Pacific, broadcast podacsts and ‘live’ interviews on Oceania Olympic teams in London. The show reached approximately 34 million homes across 44 Asia Pacific countries
  • North West 2012 training camp content was broadcast on 23 BBC Big Screens across the UK with a potential of 4 million viewers each week.


“Very very impressed with what you guys are doing. And really pleased we’ve been able to create a relationship for this event and hopefully to future events involving the Pacific. I know my team have been pleased with your help and we really look forward to what’s to come.”
Jill Scanlon Senior Producer, ABC Radio Australia