The Rugby League World Cup (RLWC2013) commissioned The Reporters’ Academy (TRA) to support and add capacity to their online RLWC TV and TV coverage. The aim was for TRA to produce ‘colour’ pieces on a number of teams as well as providing video match reports which could be used on the RLWC2013 website and TV.


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The Reporters’ Academy recruited an 18 person crew, which was a mix of fledgling and experienced young people. A training week was held for the fledgling crew of 12 from St Chad’s School, Runcorn. This week covered all aspects of the production schedule and preparation ahead of the tournament.

We then rotated our crews and attended 13 out of the 28 fixtures including the Opening Ceremony, Semi Finals and Final at the Millennium Stadium, Wembley and Old Trafford. Coverage was focused upon pre and post match with interviews being carried out with the main protagonists in the mixed zone.

The majority of this content was edited in the four hours post game to meet international media deadlines.


    Media coverage for the Rugby League World Cup reached 114 territories worldwide, an audience of 134 million with 18.8 million viewing on TV. During the tournament broadcast pieces other than match coverage and highlights programming reached an audience of almost 26 million. TRA contributed to all aspects of this coverage and reached the territories of all 14 competing nations.


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Made by The Reporters' Academy during the Rugby League World Cup. This film received 100,000s of views on the many social media platforms run throughout the tournament. The Reporters' Academy are working with the Rugby League World to produce tournament coverage from games and cultural events. Our young crew members from Salford City College and Paul Hamlyn put their skills into action to produce this real life commission. The content produced by The Reporters' Academy was sent to the world's press for their own use and featured on official Rugby League World Cup websites.