The Reporters’ Academy (TRA) is a non-profit youth training organisation that provides behind-the-scenes media industry training to young people from local communities. 

Founded 11 years ago with the aim of raising the aspirations of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and we have since trained and supported over 1000 young people. 

When we launched, the big ambition was for young people to be the first ever youth journalists accredited for The Olympic Games. We have gone on to achieve this and SO much more! 

We produce:

  • Broadcast quality media
  • Social media content 
  • Videos
  • Photos
  • Podcasts
  • Press releases
  • Interviews/flash quotes
  • Infographics
  • Evaluation content 

We facilitate:

  • Youth Voice
  • Training courses – from 1 day to multiple years
  • Fun confidence building sessions
  • Learning moments 
  • Team building
  • Conferences
  • Accreditation
  • Employment skills


Katy Atkinson Co-founding Director | Projects & Major Events

Katy leads The Reporters’ Academy with passion, energy and high expectations of how young people should be regarded. Excited most by developing new projects and ensuring the quality of our output is industry standard and our business model is always relevant to clients and young people. Katy is motivated by seeing our young people succeed across major events.

Glyn McGuire Co-founding Director | Training & Editing

Glyn aims to continue giving young people inspirational and aspirational opportunities via the activities of The Reporters’ Academy to help them take their next steps. A new generation keeping the boulder rolling with a smile on their face. Glyn is our educational expert, ex pro footballer and definitely is a steady pair of hands.

Hope Gorton Director | Social Media & Marketing

Hope was one of the original young people Katy and Glyn worked with so its amazing to see Hope’s journey go full circle with TRA following a successful career in social media marketing. Hope enjoys project management, account management and content creation.

Sarah Jones Project Manager | Facilitation & Designer

Sarah is the most recent recruit to TRA – she is the project manager with 15 years of NHS project management experience behind her. Sarah makes sure everything runs smoothly. Being organised and efficient is Sarah’s gift. It certainly helps TRA be the best we can be!

TRA Crew!

We of course have our crew – which is made up of young people. We have very high retention rates. 95% stay with us indefinitely. We have a range of experienced young people from local communities. Newbies, mentors, producers and alumni.

Industry Experts

We have a great network of industry experts and freelancers that we call upon to support various projects. This enables TRA to stay nimble, be competitive with prices but deliver huge bang for our buck!